How to Block Bluetooth Access (Video)

In this tutorial from expert Portland Oregon IT provider FIxed Fee IT, you'll learn how to block Bluetooth access on your personal devices.

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Bluetooth is a form of wireless connectivity that allows devices to connect to each other. Your phones and laptops likely have Bluetooth capabilities.

However, this type of wireless connection can put your device at risk if you do not take safety measures to protect your device. The last thing you want is hackers gaining access to your personal and office devices.There are a few different scenarios that can help keep your Bluetooth secure, so let’s get started.

How to Block Bluetooth Access on iPhones

First, let’s look at how to prevent apps from accessing your Bluetooth on your devices, specifically your iPhone. If you are using a different device, your steps may vary.

1. Open the settings app on your iphone or iPad.

2. Scroll down until you see the “privacy” tab, with a blue hand symbol. Click that, and look for the “Bluetooth” tab.

3. Now you will see all the apps that have the ability to use your phone’s Bluetooth. Double-check this list and make sure you are okay with the apps that have access. To disable access for a certain app, toggle the bar on the right so it’s no longer green. It’s as simple as that.

How to Turn off Bluetooth on iPhones

Another way you can protect your devices is to turn off Bluetooth when it’s not being used. To do this in your iPhone:

1. Go to the settings up

2. Click the “Bluetooth” tab. Here you will see all of your previously paired devices, and if any are currently connected.

3. To turn off Bluetooth, toggle the bar so it’s no longer green.

If you saw a device on the list that you don’t recognize, you can also unpair from that device.

To unpair your phone from a Bluetooth device, click the blue “I” symbol to the right. Look at the bottom of this screen and click the blue “forget this device”. If you accidentally unpair a device that you need access to, you can re-pair it by following that device’s guide.

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