How to Send a Message in the Outlook Web App

Looking to learn more about Microsoft Outlook? Portland Oregon's experts at Fixed Fee IT are walking you through how to send a message in today's Outlook tutorial!

Hi there! I’m Christa with Fixed Fee IT. Welcome to our series on everything you need to know about the Outlook Webapp. Today, we’re walking through how you can send a message in Outlook through the web. If you’re looking for a specific section of this tutorial, hover over the progress bar and select the part you need. Otherwise, let’s get started…


We’re going to start by opening our outlook email in the webapp. In the upper left-hand corner, you will see a blue button that says new message.

Clicking this button will let us start a new email.

The “to” line is where we will write the email address of the person or people, we are sending our email to. Another way to send an email to multiple people is to use the carbon copy, or “CC” line.

Below that we have our subject line. Much like the title of a news story, we can write a short sentence that discusses what our email is about.

Finally, we have the body of our email, where we can write the message we wish to send.

How to Send a Message in Outlook
Microsoft Outlook Layout

To send your email, you can either click the blue button down below the bottom of the email, or the arrow button at the top left.

How to Send a Message in Outlook 2
Where to Send the Message

And that’s all I have for you in this section. Now you should be able to send a message in the Outlook webapp. Check out our other Outlook Webapp tutorials in our playlist. If you still have questions, feel free to reach out to our team at Fixed Fee IT. Thanks for watching!

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