Your Portland Partner For: Cyber Risk Assessment

A Partner for Your Portland Cyber Risk Assessment Needs

If your business uses technology, it’s important to consider your cybersecurity and address any areas that could become an issue down the road. As part of your customized plan, Fixed Fee IT can identify potential risks and help create a plan to safeguard your business information.

Portland Cyber Risk Assessments You Can Count On

As a trusted Portland Managed Service Provider for over 28 years, you can rest assured that your business is in the right hands with Fixed Fee IT. We understand the risks cyber threats can have on your bottom line. Our Cyber Security team can thoroughly assess your technologies to identify potential risks and determine the best way to move your business forward.

Portland Cyber Risk Assessment Process

The first thing the experts at Fixed Fee IT will do is get to know all the digital systems that keep your business ticking and identify any spots that could potentially become problems down the road.

We want to make sure that everything from your computers to your Microsoft 365 cloud is secure from cyber threats.

Once we know your systems inside and out, we provide a clear report outlining any risks and how to deal with them.

Areas Our Portland Cyber Risk Assessment Team Serves

Fixed Fee IT is here for your Cyber Risk Assessment needs. If your business could benefit from an experienced IT team, give us a call. We provide IT support to clients in:

  • Portland

  • Beaverton

  • Tigard

  • Tualatin

  • Hillsboro

  • Oregon City

  • West Linn

  • Wilsonville

  • Milwaukie

  • Gresham

FAQ About Our Portland Cyber Risk Assessment

What is a Cyber Risk Assessment?

You can think of Fixed Fee IT’s Cyber Risk Assessment as a wellness check-up but for your technology. Just as a doctor would, we check for any spots that could become an issue for your business down the line and ensure your cybersecurity hygiene is in tip-top shape, keeping your business safe.

Is it Necessary to Perform a Cyber Risk Assessment?

At Fixed Fee IT, we see performing cyber risk assessments as a best practice. Having a full understanding of where your business could be vulnerable to cyber threats is the best way to help prevent those issues from becoming problems in the future.

How Do You Identify Potential Cyber Threats?

In order to identify potential cyber threats, you must first have a complete understanding of a business’s technologies and how they use them. After getting the full picture of technology usage, the experts at Fixed Fee IT are well-versed in knowing what questions to ask and where to look to help spot vulnerabilities.

If Our Business Is Small, Is it ok for Everyone to Have Admin Level Access to Our Technologies?

Examining individual technology access levels is an essential step in performing a cyber risk assessment. It’s not typically necessary, nor is it recommended for all users to have admin-level access, as allowing that type of access for everyone can increase the likelihood of a breach. While assigning different access levels for your employees creates an extra step, it’s worth it to take the time to help safeguard your business against cyber threats.

Should all Businesses Have a Cyber Risk Management Strategy?

If you use technology for your business, having a plan in place that you can refer to in the event of a cyber attack will be incredibly useful. If your business is experiencing a cyber attack, you don’t want that to be the first time you’ve thought through the steps you’ll need to take to get things under control. Time is of the essence, and having a well-planned strategy in place can help limit any damage.

Trusted Cyber Risk Assessment in Portland at a Monthly Fixed Fee

We’re ready to help your business stay protected, productive, and happy. Fixed Fee IT can make your workday easier by conducting your Portland Cyber Risk Assessment. Contact our expert team and we’ll build a No-Hassle plan that fits your needs.

A to Z Wineworks is a dynamic winery that enjoys the flexibility that Fixed Fee IT is providing our evolving business. The Cloud model has been able to scale to grow with our needs, our costs have been predictable and as our company’s needs shift, and technology advances, Fixed Fee IT has proven to be the right fit for us.

— Amy Prosenjak, CEO