Why is Fixed Fee IT’s SOC2 Type 2 Critical to your Firm?

When trying to explain our SOC2 Type 2 Attestation, we often hear feedback like “I get that it’s important, but I don’t understand why.” We recommend watching the video below to learn about our SOC2 TYPE 2 benefits.

We recommend watching this video to learn about our SOC2 TYPE 2 benefits.

What is SOC 2 Type 2 Compliance?

Lawyers take the Bar Exam. Certified Public Accountants take the CPA Exam. It’s a set of professional criteria that highlight a higher level of expertise and performance. The SOC 2 audit is just that for Portland Oregon IT Service Providers.

Makes it Easier to Obtain Cyber Insurance

Underwriters love it. Many, if not most, require it. It simplifies their evaluation and makes it easier to give you their stamp of approval.

Helps Reduce the Cost of YOUR Cyber Insurance

Insurance providers focus on risk and risk mitigation.

As a company that uses a SOC 2 Type 2 Service Provider, you represent a lower risk to them. This lower risk is reflected in lower premiums.

Helps you Pass Compliance Audits

SOC2 Type 2 is like a Golden Ticket The process of evaluating your IT department is already done. It’s the proof they need to confirm we are compliant with their standards.

Helps you Protect your Business and Mitigate Risks

Organizations that adhere to SOC2 Type 2 dedicate themselves to best practices with a focus on secure and reliable IT Systems.

Our clients benefit from our dedication with lower risk and increased defense against the majority of attacks.

3rd Party Independent Proof you can Trust IT to US

Many IT support companies provide cyber security. How do you know if their cyber security is real or deceptive marketing? SOC 2 Type 2 is independent proof.

IT Help that makes you productive, protected, & happy

We’re ready to help your business stay protected, productive, and happy. Contact our team and we’ll build a no-hassle, no-commitment plan that fits your needs. Make your day easier while we manage your IT, cybersecurity, and compliance requirements.