How to Access the Outlook Webapp (Video)

In this tutorial you will learn how to access the Microsoft Outlook webapp from Portland, Oregon IT experts at Fixed Fee IT.

How to Access the Outlook Webapp (Video/

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Video Transcript

Hi there! I’m Christa with Fixed Fee IT. Welcome to our series on everything you need to know about the Outlook Webapp. Today, we’re walking through how you can access Outlook through the web. If you’re looking for a specific section of this tutorial, hover over the progress bar and select the part you need. Otherwise, let’s get started…

How to Access the Outlook Webapp

To begin, we’re going to walk through how to log in through Office 365. First, we’re going to open our web browser and go to

Now you’ll see the login page. Type in your Office 365 or Microsoft login credentials and click “sign in”.

Multi-factor authentication is one of the best cyber security tools available right now. We always use MFA on all our accounts, and we highly encourage you to do so as well. We are using the Duo Security App, and have the push-button method selected.

You will now see a screen that says: “stay signed in?”. This option gives you the opportunity to save time when you need to access Outlook in the future.

It will keep you signed into your Office 365 account on this device…if you don’t clear your browser history. Remember to only use this option if you are using your own computer, and not a public or shared work computer!

Once you have logged in, you will now see the Office 365 launchpad. On the left side is where you can access all the Office Apps. Clicking on the Outlook icon will open Outlook directly in your web browser.

No matter what application you open, you will always be able to access Outlook via the Office 365 app launcher.

There are many ways you can shorten this process further. For example, if you have the Outlook Webapp open, you can bookmark your Outlook Webapp by clicking the star on the upper right hand side.

And that’s it! Now you can access Outlook webapp through your browser. I hope this tutorial was helpful, and while you’re here, check out some of our other tutorials! If you still have any questions, feel free to reach out to our team of experts by commenting before or visiting Thanks for watching!

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